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Monthly Archives: September, 2008


Alone in my apartment.The only windows I see, is the one showing a scary outside. With “Trees”.I have put some cheese on my door to find a working mouse.
My eyes are going into screensaver and I find it hard to switch to the wireless network.
Saturday, my computer crashed.Windows not starting. Fear of data loss.Could not [...]


Dealing with nights and week-ends

JB is getting married in 2010.Jose found a new girlfriend.Robin has moved in with his girlfriend.Hyung-Jo has had his first baby quite some time now.
It’s getting harder and harder to find people I can go to McDonald’s with, with last minute notice. Freedom is different when you think as a group of 2.
Well I believe [...]



I counted the number of ebooks I read this week.It’s about 15-20.
You will say:“Where did you find the time?”“Where do you find them?”“Do you really read them?”
Well I find the time where it is, the books where they are, and hell yes, I read them.
Think about that:That guy spent 50 years travelling around the world [...]


e-learning Japanese ? Iknow!

Image via Wikipedia My life has changed.
After years of watching Japanese animes, I never learnt to speak japanese.That was a terrible waste of time.
I remember watching Full metal panic Fumoffu!, with the eyes stuck on the subtitles, feeling that somehow I was missing all the fun.I always thought I should learn japanese, but it always [...]


Mapping your life helps storytelling for self promotion

Yeah, that’s quite a complicated title.But I think that’s the accurate one.
While we were practicing some routines on people, trying to get to integrate groups, we tried to get people to talk more about themselves. “What do you think about it?”“Have you ever lived something like that?”
Did not work as planned. Some groups were [...]