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Monthly Archives: May, 2009

Controlling the information in an open culture

The culture of openness is clearly the trademark of Web2. 
Being open is cool. You share everything and people help you get idea about everything.
You turn your customers into salesmen… and in a split seconds the whole world knows about you.
Just because you show you are human and you can make mistakes.
Just because you talk to [...]


It’s late.

2 am.
Things are going well.

Airbus marketing.
Back at Airbus. It’s good to have money flowing in. 
It’s good to feel the atmosphere around. 
Because airlines are facing tough times, it is important to stay close to them and understand what they are going though. Orders should be picking up soon. People need to travel
So it’s a [...]


Why I’ll become a badass super villain…

Let’s face it.Being a super-villain provides meaning and purpose for everyone.Imagine a James Bond movie without a super-villain.Nowadays, there’s nothing to fight for.
It’s pretty hard to find purpose in what we do.It’s mind-boggling when you try to understand why you wake up in the morning, why you go to work, why you even bother having [...]