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2 great videos on excessively bad use of powerpoint

During today’s training on argumentation and public speaking, we have been shown some very good videos on powerpoint.
The first one is a very classic description of a bad use of powerpoints.
-pointless animations
-confusing acronyms
-useless charts
-overuse of bullet points… (errrrrrm)

It is a Don MacMillan video (ex Engineer) who is now a comedian – he still calls himself a recovering engineer.

Here’s for a true gold nugget.
=> Never make a create a powerpoint under influence of alcohol: don’t even think about presenting it during your hangover.

I’m pretty sure you enjoyed that!
I’ve kept some good ones I’ll publish later…

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1 Comment to "2 great videos on excessively bad use of powerpoint"

  1. NL's Gravatar NL
    June 17, 2010 - 7:37 am | Permalink

    j’ai trop rigolé en regardant le 2ème vidéo .

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