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Monthly Archives: November, 2009

Marketing your competitor.

Common practice would make you believe that you should NEVER talk about your competitor.
Yeah, why would you make your prospect think about an alternative?
That’s true. Quick impulsive buying should be made easy, and prospects should be streamlined into customers.

However, when it comes to B2B marketing, people are offered choice and tend to make more rational [...]


Zoom out.

Your life sucks.
You’re stuck again on a task and it’s going nowhere.
You don’t have the information, you don’t know what you’re supposed to do, you don’t even know if what you’re being asked is remotely feasible. That is, if the e-mail you received was proper english, and not a vague one-liner saying that somebody needs [...]


Reply rates on dating websites : Marketing is everywhere.

Yes, Marketing is everywhere. That would be a given for a marketing millionaire mindset.
So what happens when you go on a dating website?
You try to market yourself as a decent single person, and you want to optimize your chance of success by choosing the right target and presenting yourself the best way.
OkCupid gave access to [...]


The manga industry. A proven benchmark for customer satisfaction.

Naruto. Bleach. Prince of tennis. All those mangas are world famous manga.
I, myself, am a true fan of what now is part of the japanese pop-culture: the manga litterature (40% of manga litterature).

Here, in the western part of the world, we only get to see the success stories… But many struggling mangakas (manga authors) are clinging [...]