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Monthly Archives: December, 2008

Why I worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster

As many of you did, I kinda paused a little when I was facing some facebook questions for setting up my account a year ago (or so).One of those were “Do you have any religious views?“I said “Yes”.
I worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
And quite interestingly, we are now more than 100 people (in France), declaring [...]


Competitive eating subculture

Last year, a friend of mine ate a hamburger with 8 burgers for his birthday.Yes, I said 8.
You know why he made it?He had technique.Bite by bite, he slowly swallowed the beast with method. He was cutting the hamburger like a pile of kebab meat.
Congratulations, JB. I won’t publish the pictures, I promised.
This really got [...]


The beauty of unsupervised learning.

As I previously wrote: life is an algorithm.Everything we do are outputs of a complex device.
The rules put pressure on a system that develop itself and become something surprizing. That’s how we got where we are.

Sometimes, the pure beauty of pure and plain geometrical forms simply astonishes me.
I recognize the madness of men passed to [...]