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Radical honesty. Try it.

What’s wrong with saying what you want?

- Hi. By the way, don’t tell me what you did this week-end… I don’t care.
- Hi. You must be underaged and have some father issues. Would you fancy some intercourse in the men’s room?
- Hi. I don’t really know what I am doing here. My boss told me I had to attend this meeting and payraises are being discussed.
- Hi. Just get me the cheapest wine on the menu… and serve it like it’s very expensive, I want to impress my friends.
- Hi. I am applying to this job because I have been unemployed for 4 months. I’d even settle for your company.
- Hi. I hate you. Yesterday, I dreamt you were eating a hamburger with maggots. I enjoyed it.
- Hi. You look awful today. Stop wearing that dress. It’s making my eyes bleed.
- Hi. Your gibberish corporate blabber is raping my brain. Can I just walk away and play sudoku on my cell phone?
- Hi. Our service is average on the market and is slightly overvalued. But rest assured that you will know every drawback of our product before you buy it.
- Hi. I know you’re just doing your job, but your flyer will jump straight to the trash can. It does not feel right for the tree that was cut down in agony.
- Hi. I have a wallet full of cash, but I don’t feel like giving any change to you. You are probably going to spend it on alcohol as your 5 empty whisky bottles seem to suggest.

Wouldn’t it feel better afterwards?

Radical honesty has been developed as a self-improvement program.
Lying creates stress, as it is conflicting with your values.
Just state how you feel and get prepared to get slapped.

Feels good huh?

As an additional note, here’s a video that I’ve seen lately on the radical honesty topic. It will also give you great insight on how financial markets are being run… in a very honest manner.

Update: Here’s the link to an interview with the founder of the Radical Honesty concept. Page 2 is a delight.

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