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Monthly Archives: January, 2009

Snails are cool

Well. I like snails.Yes. Because they are easy to draw. They are fun to observe and their traits epitomize a way of life that I admire.
Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano.That’s something I like, because I can not do it easily.
Lay down, listen to some soothing music. Draw a snail.Become a snail.
As the [...]


Marketing the crunch : the Tag cloud

(made with wordle)
Typical Marketing the crunch sentence:” It’s more about people than about the processes. Crowd marketing is about making a message that gives the product a new look and feel. Cliches left alone can not be analyzed by the brain in a deep manner. It’s about understanding the trends changing the world and bringing [...]


Are marketing people shallow people?

It’s funny how your way of thinking changes depending of the task you have at hand.-I often go into “Creative mode”, where nothing really makes sense, and I’m positive about anything. Yes, maybe onion juice is a possible product and some people will actually like this.
But I tried to analyze my “Marketing state”. When trying [...]


Flexibility. Is there anything else, really?

3 a.m. Nobody’s outside. But a german girl and me.Look left, look right before crossing the street.And there I go.German girl shouts “Careful! It’s still green traffic light!” Not a single car anywhere.Look left, look right. Nothing but cultural differences.
We often make fun of germans and their process binding capabalities.Their machine tooling and car industry. [...]


In the crowd. With the bees.

We think we make a difference. We do.My friend Philippe said: “I exist. No other physical object can be at the same time and at the same place as I am.”
Looking at the space I have taken, the one of another Vinh, the one of another guy or girl or animal, I have created a [...]


Streaming video will now make money

I am always amazed by what a few lines of code can produce…And how much money they will make…

Those students at Stanford (well Indian or Pakistanese)can embed videos in videos, as if those were really integrated to the movie.
Now you can smoothly put geolocalized ads in every movie you stream on the internet.Another victory for [...]


The power of Yes, No, Maybe… or something…

“Yes Man”Recently I watched that movie with Jim Carey, also known for being the Mask, Bruce almighty, Liar Liar and all time failure the Cable Guy.
Ok. I’ll make a long story short. Jim Carey says No to everything. His life is shit.Goes to a seminar. Guru tells him to become a “Yes Man”.Jim Carey [...]