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Monthly Archives: May, 2010

Time. Time. Time.

28 year young.
The 27th of may was my birthday. My parents got me a brand new flat screen TV.
Now, the whole living-room sparkles with technology.
As the documentary flashes on the TV screen, memories run through my mind.
When I was a kid, I wanted to work in genetics. In a white coat, manipulating the human genome [...]


How to sell start-up consulting services

Here’s a presentation I put together for fun.
The imaginary company that produced this presentation is EQ. Another name might have slipped in here and there.
(use the menu on the bottom left, to view fullscreen)
Business process for entrepreneurship


Creativity rush

Like a sugar rush running through my veins, I can recall some exact moments when creativity sparkled unusual activity in my brain. (and I miss it)
- I had the idea of the TADAA algorithm, which kept me awake all night. I was modelling the system, I was imagining the business plan, the marketing pitch… and the morning I [...]


Brahim’s way to become a millionaire

Brahim is a friend of mine.
We went to the same engineering school.
Brahim never talked about becoming a millionaire. But he’s on the fast track to becoming one.
Let’s rewind a bit.
Back when I was in Supaero (engineering school), most people were fated to work for Airbus or any of its supplier.
Some of us, wanted to do [...]