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Monthly Archives: September, 2007

Green is trendy.

Definitely. Go Green.The greenhouse effect is impacting our everyday life. We all know this trend.I am not going to explain you that we are all going to be fried, and that in fact, Netherlands’red light district will be more like rows of aquariums.Nor that penguins will go mad and attack people. We all know that.
Do [...]


How to crash into parties

Here are some good advice about how to get to know people during parties:
-Wear a watsit! (what’s it?) It is a fancy item you wear, which give people the opportunity to come and talk to you.“Those are great shoes, where did you get them?”“Nice tie. I can’t believe they actually sell these and have people [...]


Long tail theory or why bother reading a book

Yesterday, as I was in Amsterdam I just bought a book.In the train station, there were some english books -which you would not find in France, for that matter.Anyway the cover was a good attention grabber: the natural successor to the “tipping point” in the field of business ideas.I remember the tipping point theory left [...]


Managing website content positionning

I suppose it is no news for anyone, websites can make money.
It is true. I can prove it.

Up to now, I had a whopping 32 cents with my Adsense (or Add Cents). 32 cents in 2 months.
I think I can start thinking about resigning and work 100% on my blog.

Making a good blog is [...]


War rooms and Competitive Intelligence

The term “War room” comes from the military practice.It refers to the HeadQuarters where the officers would decide how many soldiers should be sacrificed, and how to avoid the so-cynically-called “friendly fire”.Now War has somewhat changed. It’s all business related.
Nowadays information is power. Only connect. Information streams are everywhere and you make your own [...]


Lonely planet

I recently used Google touchgraph. It’s a very useful tool.Gives you a very handy mapping of a certain concepts, putting them in similar clusters. If you investigate new stuff, don’t hesitate, it might give you a competitive advantage.As you can see first thing I did was to investigate my name.How important am I in the [...]


Ultimate Blog Killer !!

Where’s my added value ?

What’s the most common thing you find in a blog ?What you find is:“huh, found this link on youtube, thought you might like this”“check this, that’s keeeewwwwwwl”“Man, that miss America is so stupid!”“Ohhh Web 1.0 is sooooo outdated. Is 3.0 here or what?”
The blogosphere is just an eternal memetic echo.Who invented [...]


Memetic theory

Have you ever watched that scrubs episode where someone starts to hum that stupid song, and the day after, everyone sings in the hospital ?Cultural evolution resembles genetical evolution. Some genes mutate under external or random pressure. If they are well-suited, they tend to propagate easily and soon you find it everywhere. (e.g Bart Simpson [...]


How to survive in Koh Lanta (Survivor)

Many people think it’s easy. I don’t.Living on a desert Island, forced to eat worms and leaves, anyone can do. But the social tension and hunger bring out the worst of everyone.Over the years, some patterns can be consistently spotted.1) You must be insipid, predictable and say that you do the game just for fun. [...]


How to answer an anti-smoking lobbyist

1) Your studies are outdated. You are studying the effects of cigarettes that have been smoked more thant 20 years ago. You can’t tell me that with all the regulations and technological advances in cigarette manufacturing, the cigarettes have the same effect, don’t you ?2) Okay, smokers are more likely to have lung cancer. Okay, [...]