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Monthly Archives: July, 2009

The McDuck inpiration. What will you have to show for?

Back when I was 10, I wrote an essay about “La bande à Picsou.”I think that was one of my first essays on a topic that really inpired me. My mom thought it was good.
Yes. I spent a lot of time reading “Picsou magazine”, though I despised the “Mickey parade” or other disney stuff.Scrooge McDuck/Picsou [...]


How to pretend you are busy at work!

You need to pretend you are busy?
Welcome to the corporate environment!
Over the years, I have met the most skilled individuals who taught me their best tricks to pretend they were busy working. Most of them were waiting for their retirement, and tested most of what I am going to tell you.
Everyone knows you can not [...]

Share is an educational blog!

Incredible, just click on the link to the whole exam, if you don’t believe it.
2008.You are in front of your copy for “culture générale”.You just had to give your thoughts about Science & Vie et L’Express articles.Guess, what question number 4 is?
Question 4 : Commentez par votre opinion personnelle et pour chacun des paragraphes l’idée [...]