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Monthly Archives: June, 2009

The simple demonic power of a blink

Blinking is quite a natural movement. It involves the closing and reopening of your eyelid.
Fun fact : It has been something I have had to learn. When I try blinking, I do it with both eyes, which is not even remotely the same. (Although it should be twice the same)
It’s about a simple meeting, where [...]


“A typical conversation with my mom”

I can totally picture this happening to me.
Mom, I am sure you would agree.

This is a clip by Levni YILMAZ, one of my favorite artist.
I’ll be posting some more clips from him…


Window on the world

It looks like there are several ways you can access several universes…
As you see here: – Real life from window. Sunbeams sparkle on the glass and leaves flutter in the wind. – Painting shows deep inner world. There is something like a sunset at a hawaian beach or just simpleness at its peak _ [...]


Is lifestreaming lazy blogging?

A few days ago, I acquired the new HTC Dream. ( aka the google phone).
In a few clicks, I could upload a picture on my blog, make up a one sentence post.
All that is a little slice of my life.
- A few thoughts caught on the fly.
“I think we should stop pretending we’re productive, when [...]