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Brahim’s way to become a millionaire

Brahim is a friend of mine.
We went to the same engineering school.
Brahim never talked about becoming a millionaire. But he’s on the fast track to becoming one.
Let’s rewind a bit.
Back when I was in Supaero (engineering school), most people were fated to work for Airbus or any of its supplier.
Some of us, wanted to do [...]


A personal touch

Marketing differenciation is at the root of value.
Frankly speaking, I have nothing new to offer.
Everything’s been said, done. And even then, a mere 100 000 people will still do it. Sometimes putting a little spin on it, to give it a different perspective.
Becoming a marketing millionaire is one of those competitive niche markets, where one [...]


Everybody can get rich, so they say.

First, let me remind you of my objective – Being a millionaire at 30.
Evaluating all my asset, I have bought a few stocks 2 years ago, and the crisis struck. Should I also tell you that I borrowed that money?
Left with only 60% of that, a smile is still on my face.

As well I invested [...]


The McDuck inpiration. What will you have to show for?

Back when I was 10, I wrote an essay about “La bande à Picsou.”I think that was one of my first essays on a topic that really inpired me. My mom thought it was good.
Yes. I spent a lot of time reading “Picsou magazine”, though I despised the “Mickey parade” or other disney stuff.Scrooge McDuck/Picsou [...]


Progress check – Millionaire before 30?

As some of you may know, I have written down some of my objectives.
One of them was to become millionaire before I turn 30.
I can’t really confirm that. Yet.
I recently stumbled on that video, on that vey topic.
Making Millions: Be A Millionaire By 30
Message is:
- Focus on the long term. Don’t spend foolishly.
- Start your [...]


Building the cash machine…

I have met successful entrepreneurs. And I came up with my own understanding of getting to success.
-Define success as a set of achievable objectives.I think that’s the best way to achieve it. Low objectives mean little efforts.I remember that Calvin and Hobbes comic strip:It went like this (sorta):Calvin sees a shooting star and asks Hobbes [...]


Not a millionaire. Yet.

Up to now, my genius plan to become a millionaire is not working yet.My blog is not peaking to 10,000 visitors a day.My adsense is not so revenue generating.I did not get any comments yet.I do not really understand why.I think what this blog needs is porn. I should change the title to “Widest free [...]