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Magic – Start and finish with a bang!!

Just allow me to start talking about presentations first, then about magic

Yes I will tell you about one of my most devouring hobby: Street magic and how I’ve been using my marketing skills to enhance all my effects.


I’ve been doing marketing presentations for some time, now…

People’s attention span is fluctuating.

The attention span peaks at several moments, and you can create those moments.


- Pause before a message. It gives more perspective to your message.

- Change your tone, speak louder when you want to create a moment.

- Do something unexpected. It could be something like a funny picture, a personal anecdote or just a little dance.

But the best moments are the beginning and the end.

At this point, I’ve seen more than a hundred presentations, and I can tell you that people will make their minds in the first minute of the presentation, and people wake up at the end to listen your conclusion.



I’ve been learning and experimenting with some magic tricks for some time now, and like most things practice makes perfect.

There are many categories in magic:

Coin magic:

Magic with coins. Make them disappear reappear or multiply them.

Ponta the smith is THE recognized master of coin magic. Notice the graceful moves and the simplicity.

That’s how magic should be.

Card magic:

Magic with card.

Card magic is one of the most common type of magic, and everyone starts with it.

The cards are common as props, as most people have played with them.

A good magician gives the impression that he can change the identity of any card he holds.

Notice how the charisma and the storyline makes the whole stuff work.


This is a very specific type of magic.

This one works best with adults. Many people will actually believe that the mentalist has superpowers.

By using a subtle mix of tricks and soft skills, the successful mentalist will create a bizarre atmosphere.

Like most mentalism tricks, it is a bit verbose, but it IS definitely worth it.

World famous Derren Brown has made a name by using a mix of NLP (Neuro Language Programming) and mentalism tricks. I highly recomment his latest show: Enigma.

Back to the original subject…

I have some good tricks. Definitely, some of them do create a WOW.

At first, I wanted to create a really good attention grabber.

That’s why I used my best trick.

Ultimate card revelation

Basically, I walk to the audience, introduce myself.

I say “think of a card” while holding a card face down.

One of them says “5 of spades”, for example. I turn it up, it is the 5 spades.

Jaw-dropping. Eyebrows-lifting.

I got the audience where I wanted.

But I quickly realized that any other trick went downhill from there.

Starting so high got the expectations so high that anything looked dull.

Learning from that,

I now START WITH A BANG, I do some small lesser impressive tricks, and then


Videos available soon…

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