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Writing my book

Hello world.
I’ve started writing again.
It’s exhilerating. But it’s long.
I had written a book, when I was still a highschooler. It was a big sci-fi manuscript. Never got published.
I can tell you I’ve tried.
This time, it’s sci-fi again. I’ve taken much more time to make my text legible. My marketing mind thinks about litterature positioning. I [...]


Radical honesty. Try it.

What’s wrong with saying what you want?
- Hi. By the way, don’t tell me what you did this week-end… I don’t care.
- Hi. You must be underaged and have some father issues. Would you fancy some intercourse in the men’s room?
- Hi. I don’t really know what I am doing here. My boss told me [...]


Persistence vs perseverance

I really consider Philippe as being one of the misunderstood geniuses of modern times.
He’s a friend of mine.
One of the only guys who lived in a messier place than me. He always lived by his own rules and seems to understand only facts. The only things I’ve seen him taking interest in, are drinking beer [...]


Time. Time. Time.

28 year young.
The 27th of may was my birthday. My parents got me a brand new flat screen TV.
Now, the whole living-room sparkles with technology.
As the documentary flashes on the TV screen, memories run through my mind.
When I was a kid, I wanted to work in genetics. In a white coat, manipulating the human genome [...]


Creativity rush

Like a sugar rush running through my veins, I can recall some exact moments when creativity sparkled unusual activity in my brain. (and I miss it)
- I had the idea of the TADAA algorithm, which kept me awake all night. I was modelling the system, I was imagining the business plan, the marketing pitch… and the morning I [...]


Brahim’s way to become a millionaire

Brahim is a friend of mine.
We went to the same engineering school.
Brahim never talked about becoming a millionaire. But he’s on the fast track to becoming one.
Let’s rewind a bit.
Back when I was in Supaero (engineering school), most people were fated to work for Airbus or any of its supplier.
Some of us, wanted to do [...]


A personal touch

Marketing differenciation is at the root of value.
Frankly speaking, I have nothing new to offer.
Everything’s been said, done. And even then, a mere 100 000 people will still do it. Sometimes putting a little spin on it, to give it a different perspective.
Becoming a marketing millionaire is one of those competitive niche markets, where one [...]


Today is procrastination day

Just don’t do it.
Tomorrow you’ll do it.
In fact, I’ll write a post tomorrow.


Everybody can get rich, so they say.

First, let me remind you of my objective – Being a millionaire at 30.
Evaluating all my asset, I have bought a few stocks 2 years ago, and the crisis struck. Should I also tell you that I borrowed that money?
Left with only 60% of that, a smile is still on my face.

As well I invested [...]


Shorter sleep time = Longer life span

Every minute you spend oversleeping brings you closer to the grave.

You thought the opposite?
Hell, wrong. You know it’s wrong because it feels too good lying in bed doing nothing.
It’s too easy staying in bed and thinking it’s good for your health.
Sleeping too much (more than 7 hours per night ) is hazardous for your health.
Don’t [...]