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Monthly Archives: March, 2009

Use your mess for success

This is a continuous project I intend to develop with several posts, with a Guru speech style approach.
Lots of self-help and personal development programs out there focus on helping people organize to be more productive. The classic GTD method (Getting Things Done)focuses on crunching your life into To-Do lists and creates handfuls of methods to [...]


Why do I blog?

Address simple questions with multiple answers – that’s the way of the consultant.
So what’s the point of all that?
Put my thoughts somewhere
When I have thoughts going on about some subjects, it is a real effort to formalize everything.
Making bullet points and examples. Give structure. Make some research.
And create meaning.
Finally in aout 20 minutes of work, [...]


Play asian style for success in bowling and table tennis

Every time you start a new sport, you will have to learn the basics.
Most of the classic strokes will be taught, and teachers will make sure that you accomplish the moves with the perfect and already proven method.
In bowling, the standard move is the hook.With a heavy ball, you give a curved trajectory on the [...]


Robots. We’re getting there…

In 2010, 1/3 of the US Air Force will be unmanned.In 2015 the same ratio will apply to land warfare vehicles.

Why would you send a person out there, when you know that army is only a question of resources and strategy ?I think Japan will be very well prepared for that. Great Robotic industries, over [...]


A grasp of a possible future.

Virtual worlds.Everyone will be plugged in and live a perfect life like Matrix.
ClonesIf one organ dysfunctions, it will be replaced by the one of a clone who’s been raised for you.
Computers rule.Face it, they’ll be smarter than you.
Space conquest.Useless. Nobody needs that. We’re all plugged in. We use cold fusion for anything we need.
Disconnected.Our happiness [...]