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Monthly Archives: November, 2008

Saver lines… how to recover from audience lack of response

After some experience doing presentation for Airbus, I have faced some amazing lack of response, when I was really waiting for bursts of laughters.
I am not a clown, and I have feelings.That’s why I share those saver lines.
What to do or say when telling bad jokes:- “I’m pretty sure I brushed my teeth this morning.” [...]


What’s going to be the new discrimination?

Obama is the new US president.Woosh… that’a big step.
I saw on TV old black people crying,because they knew that the world as they knew it had changed. They could tell their grandchildren, that they could, as well, become president.
Striking moment. I could feel that the world had changed.
It has changed. So what?
Discrimination has just changed. [...]


How the dip changed my mindset.

I read this little book a week ago.It’s called the dip.It’s written by internet marketing guru Seth Godin.
The concept is as simple as that:

-Things are easy at the beginning.-Then you reach “the dip”, where you experience difficulties.-People are expected to quit. -Only few reach success, depending on their ability to pass the dip.
That’s all.I guess [...]


Happiness quantified

INSEE results are out. At what age most french people happy?

I hear most people say: “NEVER!”. They wouldn’t be wrong, I think.Happiness is a downwards slope until you reach 45.That’s the worst age. Explanation given, that’s when your marriage explodes and you see your kids having more fun than you do.
Good news: the best is [...]


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