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Mapping your life helps storytelling for self promotion

Yeah, that’s quite a complicated title.
But I think that’s the accurate one.

While we were practicing some routines on people, trying to get to integrate groups, we tried to get people to talk more about themselves.
“What do you think about it?”
“Have you ever lived something like that?”

Did not work as planned. Some groups were really responsive and eager to talk about themselves. Canned openers such as “Know any cool places to hang around?” open the groups, but do not help transitionning.

We tried the “How do you guys know each other?” but when it came too soon, it wouldn’t work that well.

That’s where we thought about the power of storytelling.

A good story makes you the focus of the group. Deliver 100 times. Do it better and better, until you can observe the reactions while telling the story. Calibrate your message.

But what story?
Since people don’t know you. It should be about you.
It should be a story that tells people that you’re cool.

Do you have any of those stories?
Yes. Otherwise you would not be interesting enough to read my blog.

- Remember when you saw those kids being attacked by a grizzli bear and that you bare-handedly took care of it?
- Remember when you were on the beach playing Bob marley music on the guitar, near a fire, with chicks digging your style?
- You get the point

But which one would you use?
Just mind map. Use the central concept of ME. Try to recall all of those stories and get them on your mind maps. Then this is your visual plan.

For example: at one point of the conversation, you naturally come to subject of booze. (that’s an easy one, and you should back it up).
That’s right you already have a story for that, that will Demonstrate Higher social Value. (DHV)

Random guy/chick: Oh boy, do I love Heineken.

Me: Beer? I remember when I was at the Heineken museum in Amsterdam. I learnt that the “e” of Heineken is smiling, “Have you noticed?”


If you look there, (showing the bottle), you have the 5 pillars of brewery. Those are…


I remember, when I was at that Heineken museum, that we got free drinks. OMG, I was so wasted in the end.

Me: Did you know that beer had feminine hormones?
Yup after 2 pints, you can’t stop talking, and you can’t drive properly.

You get the idea? Good.
Use that wisely :)

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2 Comments to "Mapping your life helps storytelling for self promotion"

  1. Régis's Gravatar Régis
    September 10, 2008 - 4:56 am | Permalink

    Vinh, this post comes straight from Reservoir Dogs. Remember the guy who has to infiltrate the group about to rob the bank? He keeps working on his story when he pees next to two cops with a dog while he his loaded with heroine. A fake story but by telling it right he gains the trust of the bad guys.

  2. Vinh's Gravatar Vinh
    September 10, 2008 - 8:54 am | Permalink

    Yup, you got my point Regis!

    Harness the power of storytelling to get people more comfortable than they should be!

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