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Competitive eating subculture

Last year, a friend of mine ate a hamburger with 8 burgers for his birthday.
Yes, I said 8.

You know why he made it?
He had technique.
Bite by bite, he slowly swallowed the beast with method. He was cutting the hamburger like a pile of kebab meat.

Congratulations, JB. I won’t publish the pictures, I promised.

This really got me interested in that fabulous sport that is Competitive eating.

What is competitive eating?
Born during the 4th of July, where America celebrates abundance, people face off to see who can eat the most. The most burgers, the most beans, the most wings… whatever is greasy or disgusting.
One of the major leagues, the IFOCE has gained popularity. The categories are well defined, and the rules are strict. To see the records, it’s here.

Once an all-american activity, the fever has caught up with Japan, and soon, skinny japanese would compete as well.
The famous Kobayashi became famous for being the 6-time-champion of the famous hot-dog contest.

Kobayashi(65kg) was later beat by Joey Chestnut (102 kg).

But you’ll ask me:
How do skinny japanese people stand up to thick-boned americans ?
Method and training.
Actually, experience show that obese people develop a fat belt. The amount of fat in their stomach does not help the guts to properly stretch. Therefore, what seemed an advantage becomes in a hindrance for high amount of food!

Kobayashi drinks water extensively to help stretch his stomach at times, therefore gaining a competitive advange over less stretchy stomachs.
With a technique that consists of maximizing the amount of food for each bite.
-splitting the sausage in 2 (Salomon’s method)
-dipping the bun in water or soda
-forcing the food down the oesophagus with a shake. (Kobayashi shake)

Don’t try this at home.

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