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The power of Yes, No, Maybe… or something…

“Yes Man”
Recently I watched that movie with Jim Carey, also known for being the Mask, Bruce almighty, Liar Liar and all time failure the Cable Guy.

Ok. I’ll make a long story short.
Jim Carey says No to everything. His life is shit.
Goes to a seminar. Guru tells him to become a “Yes Man”.
Jim Carey then says Yes to everything.
Discovers new opportunities behind seemingly unappealing proposals.

Here you go. Yes. Unleash the power of Yes.
Give your mind a positive attitude for welcoming new events.

I remember back the improv lessons I took in Supaero:
- “Yes, and” are the words.
“No”’s were not allowed. It forced us to welcome anything that was coming on the stage. All carefully crafted plans were reduced to dust after one word, bringing us the extreme flexibility and unpredictability of life. Accidents are no longer accidents, they are part of the game. They are opportunities.

What else? That’s still the luck factor. It has been proven that people with a relaxed mind and more positive attitude are more likely to be lucky…
You being obsessed with you concerns are not going to find out those new opportunities that live next door or that wait in the backyard.

Yes brings more Yes. Yes says Yes to Yes.

After all that, lots of people write about the power of NO.
That’s my next post.

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