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Are marketing people shallow people?

It’s funny how your way of thinking changes depending of the task you have at hand.
-I often go into “Creative mode”, where nothing really makes sense, and I’m positive about anything. Yes, maybe onion juice is a possible product and some people will actually like this.

But I tried to analyze my “Marketing state”. When trying to make up a marketing message or leaflet.

How’s that marketing state?

- My attention span is 5 seconds. I do not understand long sentences and complicated words. I want short and simple statements. “That product will make you happy.

- I am deeply self centered. What’s in it for me? That’s the only thing I care for. If you’re not adressing my need… you’re not talking to me.

- I have some trigger keywords that make my eyes shine like a baby in front of a candy. Such of those are “sex”, “money”, “easy”.

- I feel insecure about myself. I need people to give me my confidence back. Or if they make me feel more insecure, tell me how I can get my confidence back. “Why your boss hates you… and how you can talk your way up!

- I don’t think. I feel things. I have mental images popping in my mind. I don’t trust my brain, I trust my guts. You can tell when something is catchy, because it sounds cool, it has a twist.

- I want to rationalize my feelings. I hope there are some arguments I can find, so that I can throw them at other people when they ask me why I like that. Once I have decided that I like something, please help me convince my rational brain.

That might look shallow. But it’s actually the deepest you can go.
Marketing should be about feeling. Feelings are the way the subconsciou mind found a way to your consciousness. That’s actually the deepest you can go.

When you analyze your feelings,
- Try to understand the modalities involved. Is it the sound, the music, the pictures, the concept that strikes your mind.
- Use different variations to explore the experience provided by the message. You will then understand better why one specific message works.

If you have any other tips, I’d be glad to hear from it.

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