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Is lifestreaming lazy blogging?

A few days ago, I acquired the new HTC Dream. ( aka the google phone).

In a few clicks, I could upload a picture on my blog, make up a one sentence post.
All that is a little slice of my life.
- A few thoughts caught on the fly.
“I think we should stop pretending we’re productive, when we have time maintaining a blog.”
“A blog does not equal social life.”
“Rugby is a simple sport. All you need to know is that if the defending team catches a kicked ball behind the 22 defence line, and the catcher shouts “Mark!”, then the game stops and the defending team restarts with the ball at the defence line”.
- Pictures of cute girls on the bus.
Yup. There are many. There is a nurse school on the way to Airbus.
- Random fuzzy pictures.
“What’s that?” I don’t know why are you asking me?
That’s lazier blogging. I guess.
But that might be of more value to you guys.
I’ll give it a try. But I’d hate to focus less on content.
From the desktop of Vinh LY.
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