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Window on the world

It looks like there are several ways you can access several universes…

As you see here:
– Real life from window. Sunbeams sparkle on the glass and leaves flutter in the wind.
– Painting shows deep inner world. There is something like a sunset at a hawaian beach or just simpleness at its peak _ offered by Rothko.
– TV. La caja tonta. The stupid box. The fuzzy warm background noise that keeps me company. Desperate housewife rerun number 217 tries to get my attention. At least for the advertizing.
– Laptop. You are my friend. Do not leave me. Please. You would take a piece of me with you.
– Smartphone. With which the post was typed. With which the picture was taken. Laptop's new rival!

Now take a few noment to realize that the woman you see on TV has been through at least 5 intermediate screens before flashing your brain.

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