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Reply rates on dating websites : Marketing is everywhere.

Yes, Marketing is everywhere. That would be a given for a marketing millionaire mindset.
So what happens when you go on a dating website?

You try to market yourself as a decent single person, and you want to optimize your chance of success by choosing the right target and presenting yourself the best way.

OkCupid gave access to great studies on the dating behaviour and¬†¬†success rates (reply rates) by races… which is clearly a taboo subject. At least, here, in France.

Without further unnecessary explanations… here is the data for the number crunchers like me.

How women reply.

How men reply.

I won’t say much about those numbers.
I just would like to tell you that those samples have been done with representative samples, and that numbers really make sense to me – though it is for a US population.

I guess we all came to the same conclusions and saw how shockingly explainable those numbers are.

Just to remind you that a statistics can’t lie. Those are just numbers.

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