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Zoom out.

Your life sucks.
You’re stuck again on a task and it’s going nowhere.
You don’t have the information, you don’t know what you’re supposed to do, you don’t even know if what you’re being asked is remotely feasible. That is, if the e-mail you received was proper english, and not a vague one-liner saying that somebody needs something for yesterday.
You wonder if you should take some work home, and you wonder how your boss will react.

Zoom out!
As you zoom out, google-earth style, you see yourself, sitting at your desk.
You look preoccupied and you wonder about the enormous consequences of the mistakes you’ll make.
Zoom out again, and you’ll see hundreds of people doing the same thing as you do in your organization… and somehow, they make it through the day, or even through their professional life…
Zoom out again, and you see the earth, just a speck of dust in the universe.

We do NOT matter.
Whatever we do, we do not matter.
Yes, you’ll have a great product that will make you rich. Then what?
Yes, there are hundreds of marketing millionaires writing their blogs. So what?
Americans have an ancient:
“Life is a bitch. You marry one, then you die.”
You’re nothing. Face it, you don’t matter.
The butterfly effect is a marketing trick to make you feel important.
Off course, you’re unique, like everyone else.

Now zoom in.
When you zoom in, you see people running everywhere like ants.
But you’re not. You’re smiling because you know you don’t matter. You’ve accepted that fact.
Now that you have chosen to accept your insignificance, you can start to enjoy.
You can go back home and enjoy some quality time. Go back to work because you love it.
As you zoom in, you see that bubble that surrounds you, that is filled with your zen power.

You let things that do not matter, truly slide.
And now time freezes. Life moves in slow motion.
You see your colleagues, friends running endlessly, and you’re comfortably  lying in your peace bubble.

Then expand.
Your peace bubble gives you confidence.
People love it. They trust you. You trust them. Your bubbles connect.
ou don’t leave in an empty bubble. You share yours with the ones you trust.

Smile. Freeze time. You do not matter.

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