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How the dip changed my mindset.

I read this little book a week ago.
It’s called the dip.
It’s written by internet marketing guru Seth Godin.

The concept is as simple as that:

-Things are easy at the beginning.
-Then you reach “the dip”, where you experience difficulties.
-People are expected to quit.
-Only few reach success, depending on their ability to pass the dip.

That’s all.
I guess this simplistic concept is somewhat agreeable.

When do you experience the dip?

-Learning tennis is enjoyable at the beginning. Every hour you train, has a direct impact on your game. Then you start asking yourself if you should invest more time or not, to get better.
-Your company needs to find that competitive advantage that allows you to compete with the top companies (or to become the best).

That’s when you start to doubt.

What did I learn from the DIP?
-It’s OK to quit. When the dip is too large, and that there is no reason I would do better than anyone, then I should just quit. Put my energy where it makes a difference. Then stick with that.
-I no longer see difficulties. I see opportunities.
People say that in chinese, “problem” and “opportuny” are the same word (In fact I heard it in the Simpsons).
Now I look at difficulties like opportunities to make a difference with the competition. Every difficulty is an opportunity to make that step difference.

Thanks to the dip, I thrive for difficulties.
I’ll ask for those, and make them stepping stones for my own personal accomplishment.

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