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What’s going to be the new discrimination?

Obama is the new US president.
Woosh… that’a big step.

I saw on TV old black people crying,because they knew that the world as they knew it had changed. They could tell their grandchildren, that they could, as well, become president.

Striking moment. I could feel that the world had changed.

It has changed. So what?

Discrimination has just changed. We will discriminate other things.
Of course, someone homosexual could become US president.

But what about… a robot?

I am not joking, guys. What about a robot?
Japanese culture has been studying and exploring the future of human relationship with machines. Whether is it is Astro-Boy, Chobits or the Time of Eve.
Japanese people, with an ageing population, a love for technology, naturally endorse the use of robots and androids (human shaped robots).

With Artificial Intelligence increasing, the robots will be hard to tell from humans.
From then, why should they not be given equal rights as humans?
Why should they be treated as objects? Individuality will be a random function.

Maybe they would make sounder decisions, than a real person.

If you ask me that’s going to be the future of discrimination and that will be a very hot topic in a few years. I’ve taken my side. I am pro-robot.

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