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Why I’ll become a badass super villain…

Let’s face it.
Being a super-villain provides meaning and purpose for everyone.
Imagine a James Bond movie without a super-villain.

Nowadays, there’s nothing to fight for.

It’s pretty hard to find purpose in what we do.
It’s mind-boggling when you try to understand why you wake up in the morning, why you go to work, why you even bother having sex.
Is reproducing our only purpose? In that case, we’re just re-transmitting the issues.
Because, surviving is not an issue any more. For some of us, it’s not security or confort…

We’re going up the Maslow pyramid. We need self esteem.

And meanwhile life is getting damn boring.
You work your ass off to pay for your pension and your kids. Luckily, you have cable TV and you keep your mind busy and you shut those voices that tell you that you shoud TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

You just look around and there’s nothing you want. Your self-esteem is low, because whatever you do, it’s been done, and better than you could ever do.
Fight for world domination !

Minus : Brain, what are we doing tonight?
The Brain : What we’re doing every night, Minus. Take over the world… (tu tu… tu tu… tu tum…)
Because creativity is limited by ethics, you can afford to go further than most of the people.
Have you seen how cool super-villains are? Can you not admire Batman’s Joker?

Super-villains do not have contradictions. Their behavior is pure evil. They do everything they can for what they want.
Imagine Superman having to kill one person to save the planet. I can’t believe he can even do that. But Lex Luthor could go into a kindergarten full of baby penguins and strangle them with his bare hands if it would help his mad projects.

Well… if I were a super-villain I would order pizzas you don’t like and have them delivered to your house. Niaaaaaarkkkk. (evil laugh)

Create exceptional people

No Batman without Joker. Creating absolute evil unites the rest of the world.
Shape the world your way.

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