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Controlling the information in an open culture

The culture of openness is clearly the trademark of Web2. 

Being open is cool. You share everything and people help you get idea about everything.
You turn your customers into salesmen… and in a split seconds the whole world knows about you.
Just because you show you are human and you can make mistakes.
Just because you talk to everyone as if they were your best friends.
That’s the stakhanovism behind that new marketing culture.
But – do you control your image?
No. Your messages are distorted. They are made juicy. And they turn into something sticky and worth spreading. And not exactly what you wanted.
This works only if you have sufficient coverage and influence in a community. (not like me though).
If you admit you are having difficulties, people start running away from your services.
If you talk about a product, people assume you are getting paid for it.
If you talk about something insignificant, people think you’re just trying to compensate for your lack of creativity.
Simple guidelines
-Marketing. Marketing. Marketing. Repeat yourself. Be consistent. Be simple.
- Be open about what has no impact. And be overly talkative and find interesting facts to illustrate => avoid elusive meaningless content.
- Don’t answer embarassing questions. Say it’s not relevant – and NEVER lie.
- Repeat yourself. The message should be clear. And easily repeated without being too twisted.
- Use multiple ways to say again what you just said.
- Find different media to vehiculate the same consistent messages
- Make sure there is no way to distort the message to squeeze a negative interpretation. If that happens, reassess the positive message. Dismiss or ignore everything else.
So don’t forget to overuse impacting selling points.
PS: Use a PS. People always read PS.
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