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Creativity rush

Like a sugar rush running through my veins, I can recall some exact moments when creativity sparkled unusual activity in my brain. (and I miss it)

- I had the idea of the TADAA algorithm, which kept me awake all night. I was modelling the system, I was imagining the business plan, the marketing pitch… and the morning I woke up (so to speak), I got the project started with a whole new perspective on life.

- Solving a video game enigma. “Little Big Adventure” was a video game I played a lot when I was little. And I was stuck. Desperately stuck… because of what I later understood was a bug of the game . In a half-awake dream, I was playing the character. I was throwing fireballs at groboclones (weird mixThe Grob Clone of elephants and robots.

And then I realized that at the precise moment I was stuck, that there was another path to avoid conflict. I unlocked a whole new level of the game before 8 am.

- Some maths problems really keep creeping back in your background memory. You can solve a problem while you’re not thinking about it, eg: while you’re doing something else. It works with names or other things that are impossible to find at that very moment. Then EUREKA!

- Some books or concepts are really key to my thought process development. Reading books like the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris, the tipping poin by Malcolm Gladwell or other big ideas, really help me name the concepts. Naming the concept is not discovering it. The concept described is something you were more or less aware of, but describing it and putting a name on it, is like assigning room into your brain  dedicated to that concept. Which is now ready to grow, if fueled with further experience. Give names to what you think, Write it down. Make it real and trigger action.

Unfortunately, as I’m becoming more productive in my work, I start to be less creative. Once a path of least resistance has been created, my lazy mind wants to take the known and seemingly easier road, sometimes overlooking some very nice details that could have produced value.

But in a task-killing mode, you only focus on fininshing your TO-DO list. You’re not looking for other stuff to put  on your list, because you’re already too busy.

Your brain needs time to creative.

Relax. Let the ideas flow.

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2 Comments to "Creativity rush"

  1. NL's Gravatar NL
    May 14, 2010 - 6:11 pm | Permalink

    Quite right about naming the concepts :P

  2. Phong's Gravatar Phong
    August 1, 2010 - 9:59 pm | Permalink

    j’ai pas du tout lu ton bla bla mais j’ai remarqué que l’image
    vient du jeu Little Big Adventure . Fin si je me trompe pas :D ahahah
    Ton petit cousin.

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