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Brahim’s way to become a millionaire

Brahim is a friend of mine.

We went to the same engineering school.

Brahim never talked about becoming a millionaire. But he’s on the fast track to becoming one.

Let’s rewind a bit.

Back when I was in Supaero (engineering school), most people were fated to work for Airbus or any of its supplier.

Some of us, wanted to do something else. We wanted to be corporate guys. Men in black.

We were aiming at becoming:

- Full fledged traders; loose tie and corporate cowboys. “Buy, Sell”, they would shout with dry mouths. We heard stories about those crazy 30 something making millions, paving the way to easy women and expensive sport cars. Crazy parties and jet set surrounding.

Trader was the dream of all the finance department students. Becoming a front-office trader would give you a surefire way to leverage your studies to make millions. But being selected was harsh.

I was in the finance department. For some reason, I discarded that path. I wanted to create value. I wanted a job I could still have after 35. Silly me.

- Corporate consultants; “suit up!”. Here are some free quotes involving consultants:

  • “We were on the edge of the cliff, the consultant helped us make a huge step forward”
  • “The consultant, when asked for the time, asks you to give him your watch, and charges you for that.”

I went through that path. Why?

The consultant leverages pure ideas and stays very high level. He has to think on his feet and react fast. He talks to the CEOs and other guys. He structures and creates value out of chaos. The glamorized vision of the consultant held true within the scope of my jobs. I helped design some pretty big organizations, and the pay was good.

Normally people would put an incredible amount of hours. Some people would finish at 1am and start at 9am because their time was expensive. But that’s because customers pay for their time.

Read my entry on Consulting companies being hidden Ponzi’s schemes.

==> That’s why I went into trying to become an entrepreneur…

Back to Brahim.

Brahim works for a bank in London. He’s been working there for 2 years. He’s doing complicated business plans, and hardly takes any holidays, nor sleep.

But it pays off. He bought his appartment, got some very nice bonuses, and has a nice girlfriend he spends his WE with. He’s waiting for a promotion, to have other people working for him.

Following his calculations => He should hit the “million mark” before 30.

Back to me

I went to a magic shop. Learnt some tricks, such as how to make coins appear.

It makes enough money for coffee.

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5 Comments to "Brahim’s way to become a millionaire"

  1. May 10, 2010 - 7:21 am | Permalink

    I wonder if i really want to spend my time “doing complicated business plans” and “not having holidays”… is being millionaire before 30 really worth it? I’d rather spend my time learning magick trick and score some drunk chicks

  2. NL's Gravatar NL
    May 13, 2010 - 7:12 pm | Permalink

    l’argent fait le bonheur dit -on , pourtant .


  3. Remy's Gravatar Remy
    October 17, 2011 - 9:39 pm | Permalink

    You should make an Airbus disappear like David Copperfield did with a train, and then sell it…

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