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Lonely planet

I recently used Google touchgraph. It’s a very useful tool.
Gives you a very handy mapping of a certain concepts, putting them in similar clusters. If you investigate new stuff, don’t hesitate, it might give you a competitive advantage.
As you can see first thing I did was to investigate my name.
How important am I in the world of “Vinh Ly”s ?
Thanks to ziki, I reached the first result of “vinh ly” on the whole multilingual web (Google, Pagerank).
Now I am the third (like Shrek).
But creating a mapping like this one:

makes me realize that I should do something to link my Blog to other concepts related to “Vinh Ly”. Because it does feel a bit lonely here, when all the other “Vinh Ly”s have fun clustering.
I don’t know who that Vinh.k.Ly is… (except he’s an attorney at law), but in a few months time, I’ll completely kill his internet presence.
Don’t hesitate to use touchgraph for your searches… It even found me, given the very little effort I spend advertizing, I think it’s noticeable enough to be emphacized.

Good day to you all.

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