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Why do I blog?

Address simple questions with multiple answers – that’s the way of the consultant.

So what’s the point of all that?

Put my thoughts somewhere
When I have thoughts going on about some subjects, it is a real effort to formalize everything.
Making bullet points and examples. Give structure. Make some research.
And create meaning.
Finally in aout 20 minutes of work, the post is ready, and I had to dig into my message. And it’s out there.

.This type of blog does not explore a specific niche and does not aim for traffic. Although it would be nice. I’m just happy my friends read it.

Web Presence?
I want to be the most famous “Vinh LY” on google.

Discover more about what I like.
Some posts require extensive research, and everytime, I am amazed about what we can find on the internet… Sometimes, I stumble on weird topics like “competitive eating” or other stuff. Structuring all that helps me remember it better.

You might not know me, I might not know you.
But we share common interests. Aircraft, marketing, robots, entrepreneurship, algorithms…
And maybe you have an idea, or anything we can work together.
Just mail me.

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