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Use your mess for success

This is a continuous project I intend to develop with several posts, with a Guru speech style approach.

Lots of self-help and personal development programs out there focus on helping people organize to be more productive. The classic GTD method (Getting Things Done)focuses on crunching your life into To-Do lists and creates handfuls of methods to make organizing complex and repulsive.
I have tried it, and as many, I experienced an epic fail.

You have your way of handling things, and you have your habits. Changing takes a lot of efforts, and I am not amongst those who can put in tremendous efforts without having immediate payoffs. I just see neverending tasks, creating neverending work.

Inspired by The Path of Least Resistence, a very helpful and thick book, I would like to put several thoughts on how you can use your mess for success.

The main principle would be to use your natural instincts and make them work for you. Instead of trying to change WHO you are, you will make slight changes in your environment to drastically change your productivity. Things should be easy, as you don’t need to change!

How can changes happen, if you don’t have to change?
Well knowing yourself will be the biggest step of all.
You will be able to work several scenarios in your mind to ensure that the global result will be achieved with the minimum real effort.

And the less effort you spend organizing your environment, the more effort you can spend on productivity.

But a lot more about that later.

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