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A grasp of a possible future.

Virtual worlds.
Everyone will be plugged in and live a perfect life like Matrix.

If one organ dysfunctions, it will be replaced by the one of a clone who’s been raised for you.

Computers rule.
Face it, they’ll be smarter than you.

Space conquest.
Useless. Nobody needs that. We’re all plugged in. We use cold fusion for anything we need.

Our happiness comes to the price of living in different virtual worlds. We can’t be all happy at the same time. We need to see people in less fortunate conditions to enjoy our situation. All the environment will be tailored to provide the right amount of everything.

We’ll all be that unique person. We will all be living that same scripted scenario. Everyone will be living that same life, with enough obstacles and miracles to enjoy maximum happiness. Why rewrite a scenario that’s already perfect? We are all Vinh Ly’s.

Under control.
Computers are programmed to help us enjoy maximum happiness. That’s why everything will be designed for that. Making people believe.

One type of body.
Why would you keep all the diversity in mankind? The computers have rationalized and kept only one. Only one genetical code, reproduced again and again. Easier for maintenance and better for scenario implementing.

What more is there to expect?
Nothing. Because, everything would finally be under control.

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