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Play asian style for success in bowling and table tennis

Every time you start a new sport, you will have to learn the basics.

Most of the classic strokes will be taught, and teachers will make sure that you accomplish the moves with the perfect and already proven method.

In bowling, the standard move is the hook.
With a heavy ball, you give a curved trajectory on the oiled part of the track.
Because the last part of the track is dry, the ball will suddenly accelerate and have a very good angle and speed to optimize the probability of having a strike.
The heavier the ball, the better.

That was until Taiwanese Tseng Tsu Fen with the Spinner.
In Asia, because of the lesser quality of the tracks, the hooks were difficult to realize.
Asians came up with another move called the spinner, the helicopter or the UFO.
With a straight path, minimizing track interference, and maximum rotation, the ball would come with high rotation and hit the pins, sending them flying in all directions.

With this highly unorthodox asian style of play, Tseng Tsu Fen became world bowling champion. This style especially fits women, seeing that you need a lighter ball.

That’s how different conditions enabled more creativity in the gameplay.

The last example relates to table tennis.
You all know the orthodox way of holding a ping pong pad.
Chinese have the penhold handle. They hold the pad upside down, as if they had a pen.

This allows them to mode the wrist more freely and block and push easier with the backhand. It is a very offensive game method, but makes the backhand quite weak.

But no need to say that many world champions are chinese. It is quite surprizing when they are not.

Conclusion ?

Be creative, dammit.

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