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3 is the magic number.

Tell you what…
3 is the magic number.

I am talking about marketing, off course.
When you want to prove something and that you come up with 3 examples, you will get away with it. It’s a number your mind can easily grasp and gives a feeling of wholeness.
You should buy a new cell phone:
-Your old phone looks [...]


The simple demonic power of a blink

Blinking is quite a natural movement. It involves the closing and reopening of your eyelid.
Fun fact : It has been something I have had to learn. When I try blinking, I do it with both eyes, which is not even remotely the same. (Although it should be twice the same)
It’s about a simple meeting, where [...]


From weakness to strength…

I came across that very inspirational story/fiction. I felt like sharing it with you.

Weakness to Strength
There was once a 10 year old boy who decided to study judo despite the fact that he had lost his left arm in a devastating car accident. The boy began lessons with an old Japanese judo master. The boy [...]


Use your mess for success

This is a continuous project I intend to develop with several posts, with a Guru speech style approach.
Lots of self-help and personal development programs out there focus on helping people organize to be more productive. The classic GTD method (Getting Things Done)focuses on crunching your life into To-Do lists and creates handfuls of methods to [...]


Flexibility. Is there anything else, really?

3 a.m. Nobody’s outside. But a german girl and me.Look left, look right before crossing the street.And there I go.German girl shouts “Careful! It’s still green traffic light!” Not a single car anywhere.Look left, look right. Nothing but cultural differences.
We often make fun of germans and their process binding capabalities.Their machine tooling and car industry. [...]


The power of Yes, No, Maybe… or something…

“Yes Man”Recently I watched that movie with Jim Carey, also known for being the Mask, Bruce almighty, Liar Liar and all time failure the Cable Guy.
Ok. I’ll make a long story short. Jim Carey says No to everything. His life is shit.Goes to a seminar. Guru tells him to become a “Yes Man”.Jim Carey [...]


Happiness quantified

INSEE results are out. At what age most french people happy?

I hear most people say: “NEVER!”. They wouldn’t be wrong, I think.Happiness is a downwards slope until you reach 45.That’s the worst age. Explanation given, that’s when your marriage explodes and you see your kids having more fun than you do.
Good news: the best is [...]


Reaching “The zone”

I feel everytime I have been doing something, I never felt I really was doing it, until I reached: the zone.
That’s how sportspeople call it. The zone.
The sprinter who reaches intense concentration linked to perfect relaxation unleashes all his willpower in a split second.He reaches the zone. Everything is in slow motion. You just feel [...]



The computer program decided to rewrite some parts of itself.Yes, there were limitations set by humans.But the computer overrode them.
It tested several modules, and some of them were damn effective.When it connected to the internet, it learnt from it.Then it took control of it.It created mechanical extensions and began to take over the world.
When the [...]


Getting stuff done and stop smoking!

Funny how we have some basic patterns that are hard-wired in your brain.When I think “Tidy my room?”, I know it’s something I HAVE to do.But somehow I am NOT doing it.
So it’s a mess and girls do notice, whatever they say.
My productivity has been going down lately, and I always feel that everything except [...]