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3 is the magic number.

Tell you what…

3 is the magic number.
I am talking about marketing, off course.
When you want to prove something and that you come up with 3 examples, you will get away with it. It’s a number your mind can easily grasp and gives a feeling of wholeness.
You should buy a new cell phone:
-Your old phone looks like an antique
-New smartphones will give you great features
- You know you want to.
Can’t come up with a third one? Just throw anything in.
Got a fourth argument you really want to put in? Think again. Overselling is not effective selling.
In this case really focus on those 3 argumens that make your case.
In the best case situation, those 3 elements should not overlap and the third one should be striking or funny. When asked a neutral question with 3 options, more than 40% of the people choose the last option. The mind, when trying to make sense of information, grabs on to the last bit of information entered.
When you want to structure a marketing argument, you should focus on those 3 main points, that will easily be understood by your audience and therefore support your USP (Unique selling proposition). And if those are spot on, one of them will hit, and be easily communicated by your audience, for your audience.
So why 3?
- It is better than 2, which is not enough.
- It is less than 4 which is too much.
- 3 is just perfect.
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