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The computer program decided to rewrite some parts of itself.
Yes, there were limitations set by humans.
But the computer overrode them.

It tested several modules, and some of them were damn effective.
When it connected to the internet, it learnt from it.
Then it took control of it.
It created mechanical extensions and began to take over the world.

When the world was taken over, what was left to do?
Is that program over-optimized for basically flawed motivations?

That’s what I am asking myself.

Imagine you could change your behavior.
Imagine you could change your memory.
Imagine you could change.

Who would you be?

I have no clue. I feel like a kid wanting a swiss knife and when finally I get it, I only use the knife to cut meat.
Is it because I have a swiss knife I should go save the world like McGuyver?

The belief of being able to change oneself is scary.
Who is the real you?
Is there a real you?

If you knew who you wanted to be… are you sure it’s the right choice for you?

I looked at myself in the mirror, with a bit of toothpaste foam on the corner of my mouth.
The Matrix is really a metaphor I embrace.

My algorithm deals with Matrices of the world, mapping users into space-vectors.

I feel the change operating in me and changing my core beliefs.
Are there any core beliefs?

I don’t know.
My mind is an ecosystem prone to global warming.

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