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Marketing your competitor.

Common practice would make you believe that you should NEVER talk about your competitor.
Yeah, why would you make your prospect think about an alternative?
That’s true. Quick impulsive buying should be made easy, and prospects should be streamlined into customers.

However, when it comes to B2B marketing, people are offered choice and tend to make more rational [...]


Everybody can get rich, so they say.

First, let me remind you of my objective – Being a millionaire at 30.
Evaluating all my asset, I have bought a few stocks 2 years ago, and the crisis struck. Should I also tell you that I borrowed that money?
Left with only 60% of that, a smile is still on my face.

As well I invested [...]


Getting information for decision

2 hours.
Important Airbus meeting, and I have to meet an expert.

Two issues on my mind:
- How to get the information to make the proper decision
- How not to loose credibility

There are some simple recipes that can get you prepared right on time.

Write down what you know
Make mind maps and throw down some keywords that come [...]


3 is the magic number.

Tell you what…
3 is the magic number.

I am talking about marketing, off course.
When you want to prove something and that you come up with 3 examples, you will get away with it. It’s a number your mind can easily grasp and gives a feeling of wholeness.
You should buy a new cell phone:
-Your old phone looks [...]


Shorter sleep time = Longer life span

Every minute you spend oversleeping brings you closer to the grave.

You thought the opposite?
Hell, wrong. You know it’s wrong because it feels too good lying in bed doing nothing.
It’s too easy staying in bed and thinking it’s good for your health.
Sleeping too much (more than 7 hours per night ) is hazardous for your health.
Don’t [...]


The McDuck inpiration. What will you have to show for?

Back when I was 10, I wrote an essay about “La bande à Picsou.”I think that was one of my first essays on a topic that really inpired me. My mom thought it was good.
Yes. I spent a lot of time reading “Picsou magazine”, though I despised the “Mickey parade” or other disney stuff.Scrooge McDuck/Picsou [...]

Share is an educational blog!

Incredible, just click on the link to the whole exam, if you don’t believe it.
2008.You are in front of your copy for “culture générale”.You just had to give your thoughts about Science & Vie et L’Express articles.Guess, what question number 4 is?
Question 4 : Commentez par votre opinion personnelle et pour chacun des paragraphes l’idée [...]


The simple demonic power of a blink

Blinking is quite a natural movement. It involves the closing and reopening of your eyelid.
Fun fact : It has been something I have had to learn. When I try blinking, I do it with both eyes, which is not even remotely the same. (Although it should be twice the same)
It’s about a simple meeting, where [...]


“A typical conversation with my mom”

I can totally picture this happening to me.
Mom, I am sure you would agree.

This is a clip by Levni YILMAZ, one of my favorite artist.
I’ll be posting some more clips from him…


Window on the world

It looks like there are several ways you can access several universes…
As you see here: – Real life from window. Sunbeams sparkle on the glass and leaves flutter in the wind. – Painting shows deep inner world. There is something like a sunset at a hawaian beach or just simpleness at its peak _ [...]