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How to organize your streaming schedule.

I am writing this post for you guys, who enjoy streaming videos.

Streaming a video has the major advantage of providing a fast way to view your favorite TV series or movies as compared to direct or peer-to-peer downloading.
The major drawback is that it is hard to find streaming sources for old series or movies.

In fact, if you follow several series, it becomes quite hard to keep track with whatever is coming up. And when you know it’s been aired you still have to find your sources.
For the record, I’d like to mention that streaming can be legal, if you use Hulu, for example. (Bad news, it only works in the US).

Here’s what I use : Sidereel.

I can follow airing dates in real time, and all I had to do was to input my favourite series. And within two clicks, I am watching it.

Here shown is only one fourth of everything I keep track with. (Too bad I can not put Animes).

With that method, my streaming experience is more viewing and less searching.
More watching series and less socializing.
But, hey, that’s my life :)

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