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When I developed a feeling towards numbers

I remember when I was in prep school.

Life was a game. Maths was a game.
Collect the exercises. Gotta catch them all.
We spent a lot of time with friends, sharing exercises…

Some people didn’t do that. They were thinking about the stakes.
They were thinking about their future. What they would be doing later on.
What the results would entail. The name of the school would be on your resume for ever.

It would tell you what kind of people you’d be.
Whether you’s be well paid or not.
Whether you had a chance to meet the right people at the right moment.

Life is a game. Enjoy it. Find the little things that you enjoy.
Maker it everyday. Trade math exercises like pokemon cards, or girls met in a bar.

I sometimes remember walking on the edge of a sidewalk…
If I can walk like this for 20 meters, I’ll treat myself to a McDonald’s.
If I do a little more, I’ll take a McFlurry.

C’est fou comme le temps passe vite quand on s’amuse!

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