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Building the cash machine…

I have met successful entrepreneurs.
And I came up with my own understanding of getting to success.

-Define success as a set of achievable objectives.
I think that’s the best way to achieve it. Low objectives mean little efforts.
I remember that Calvin and Hobbes comic strip:
It went like this (sorta):
Calvin sees a shooting star and asks Hobbes to make a wish.
Hobbes wishes for a sandwich and gets mocked by Calvin for his lack of ambition.
Hobbes eats a sandwich and says that at least he got his wish.

- Be pragmatic.
4 questions.
-Is it ethical?
-Is it moral?
-Is it legal?
-Is it profitable?
(forget the first three questions and get to the last one. Because the last one encompasses all the other questions.)

What’s in it for me ? should be your only concern.
Does it work? should be the second one.

- Look for opportunities

Lots of those people don’t have the passion for the product or the field.
They saw a huge business opportunity and found the people who could do it.
When you approach them, they talk business. They don’t look for friends.
They look for business.

- Selling
Whatever the product, they have a good feeling for their market, and they know how to make a product that’s just right for their customers.

- Working effectively.
They only spend their time on things that create value. If it can be done by someone else, someone else does it.

- Growing a network of valuable business relationships

Those guys can tell their types apart. If they recognize you as one of theirs, they’ll come see you to create mutual growth. They recognize a win/win

- Risk takers
yup does guys know how to take risks: calculated risks with high Return on Investment. They are pragmatic, therefore, they will put their money in sound investment, and if the money is lost, they know the rules of the game.

I can see those guys leaving the life they want.
That’s what I would like to do, as well.

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