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Progress check – Millionaire before 30?

As some of you may know, I have written down some of my objectives.

One of them was to become millionaire before I turn 30.

I can’t really confirm that. Yet.

I recently stumbled on that video, on that vey topic.

Making Millions: Be A Millionaire By 30

Message is:

- Focus on the long term. Don’t spend foolishly.

- Start your own business. You don’t have much to lose.

- Be conservative, but take intelligent risks. For example put your money in mutual funds.

I can say that I’ve done the 3 of them.

I am not that kind of guy who spends money on stupid things he’ll never use. I’ll always ask value for money.

I’ve put loads of cash in the stock market – and even borrowed some money to invest, and as you might see, things have not been very well lately in the stock world.


As of now, I’ve virtually lost a few months Airbus salary. And good thing is that the money shortage made me stop smoking. :)

I can remember my father saying that I wasn’t conservative enough.

Guess he’s right until proven wrong.

So what about the company?

It’s working alright. Pressure is strong to get the first delivery to the customer.

I remember saying for a year or so, that it was a question of days.

But now all the pieces are in place, and I wish everything would assemble perfectly.

If that worked, I could see the perfect track to achieve my millionaire by 30 goal.

But is that my real goal?

Not really. You might have guessed. But I’m pretty sure it will help things a lot more when I get older…

Maybe I’ll try to find a cure for cancer by 40.

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