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Monthly Archives: June, 2008

Make popcorn with your cell phone: Virality in action

Take something scary.Take something yummy.Take a urban legend.
Mix everything and you get classic but very effective internet buzz. With a very fast propagation.Demonstration:

Updated: The videos were made by Cardos. They’re making headsets. And boy, did that work!
All that started with different versions of the same video.These videos show how you can make popcorn with your [...]


How to find ebooks!

These days, I have been very busy reading e-books.
That’s so obvious you don’t want to reinvent the wheel every time.To believe that you have one person’s lifetime knowledge condensed into a few pages makes you read more and more.
Most of the time, when americans write those, their writing style is so much readable than french [...]


Florida Toulouse. Nul. Nul. Nul.

Okay. Title says all.Yesterday, I was supposed to attend a a party at the Florida (in Toulouse) place du Capitole. The dress code was “Pink and white”. I even got an invite.So we were there. First in line. There was quite a queue.So with all the VIPs, people with special passes, regular guys like us [...]



Just a little thought.We have always been saying that 1+1 should be 3, because of synergies.Because the first 1 is different from the first 1, so that’s why they make 3. 3 means more complexity, that it’s more difficult to get a project achieved, because you have communication problems. So I think that this equation [...]


Bloggers and community, who controls who?

Who are the bloggers?Bloggers are passionate people. At least they should be.They are completely wired to everything that’s happening, trying to get fresher than fresh news. They live in the moment. They see trends, but they are overloaded with all that information.Most of them can’t keep up any more. They say there’s too much too [...]


Internet Newspeak

There’s whole linguo coming with internet business.
Everyone used to be Web2.0. To be trendy, you had to be something else and use very marketing words like “user centric”, “share the love”, “evangelist” and all those are clearly the signs that you belong to the right tribe.
Now money is such a bad word. Return on investment [...]


Ex girlfriends on facebook, keep or get rid?

That must have happened to you, but now I have a fair amount of ex girlfriends in my facebook contacts.
What should I do with that?Quite frankly, you always have that strange reaction when you see such a well known face in your contact… The good thing is that you don’t have to look falsely [...]