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Florida Toulouse. Nul. Nul. Nul.

Okay. Title says all.
Yesterday, I was supposed to attend a a party at the Florida (in Toulouse) place du Capitole. The dress code was “Pink and white”. I even got an invite.
So we were there. First in line. There was quite a queue.
So with all the VIPs, people with special passes, regular guys like us could not come in, even with regular invites.
The girl I came with got fed up, some of my friends weazled in, but finally we went away and had a great evening in another bar.

Okay… I am telling you about details of my life. That’s true. But there could be some points about that post.
-Show you example of marketing. “Le Florida” in Toulouse (Place du Capitole), does not need regular people like me. They want those people who matter. Or would feel special if they manage to get in. So looking at people standing outside trying to get in was all part of that marketing. So get your customers in, and feel special, and get the others help you do the marketing. They had people in pink and white everywhere outside to do the marketing for them. And they have absolutely no consideration for you whatsoever.
-Engage with my readers. Yes that’s my life. I’m like you. I don’t get in… I didn’t even like that place in the first place. (everyone told me it was crappy anyway).
-I give them bad publicity (and still will). I hope that when someone types Florida and Toulouse in google, he finds that post and knows what a crappy place that is.

Yes I’m angry. But I still had a great evening outside… One of the best for a long time I must say.

Updated: VDM

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