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How to find ebooks!

These days, I have been very busy reading e-books.

That’s so obvious you don’t want to reinvent the wheel every time.
To believe that you have one person’s lifetime knowledge condensed into a few pages makes you read more and more.

Most of the time, when americans write those, their writing style is so much readable than french writers.
The style is more direct, straight to the point, structured, repetitive and therefore well suited for good learning practice.

You can find e-books on everything on the internet, whether it is lockpicking, martial arts, social awareness, getting taller :)

Most people would download those e-books via torrents, or on, or simply use the “filetype:pdf NAMEOFBOOK”

And now, with no link to what I just wrote:

The Florida Toulouse (Pink & White), was bad. A very bad experience.
And actually I got at least one visitor, who was wondering about that party and accidentally got my review.

Ah, sweet revenge…

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