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Make popcorn with your cell phone: Virality in action

Take something scary.
Take something yummy.
Take a urban legend.

Mix everything and you get classic but very effective internet buzz. With a very fast propagation.


Updated: The videos were made by Cardos. They’re making headsets. And boy, did that work!

All that started with different versions of the same video.
These videos show how you can make popcorn with your mobile phone.
Quite amazing if you think about what it does to your head and brain.

By watching those videos, you wonder what you have been doing all those years.

But those are FAKES.
The virality has already been proven when cell phones were supposed to cook eggs.

But FEAR shortcuts everything else. When your FEAR switch is on, you don’t care haw many emails you have to read, how much work you have to do… you just have to know.

Your morbid curiosity has a high click through rate.
And you know this could be possible. You could make popcorn with your cell phone.

After all, why not?

You can do it with your oven. And yes you’ve been told it could be harmful, but there’s a conspiracy up there who does not want you to know.
There are reports somewhere, you heard about those.

If you knew you would not be using your cell phone. (even for making popcorn).
So those big cell phone companies like NOKIA, or popcorn companies (yeah that’s also their bread and butter) would not be making money any more.
That’s why they lie!

FEAR is the best motivator. Remember FEAR marketing can destroy a brand (imagine if NOKIA were the cell phones incriminated), or make one (blue M&Ms are like Viagra).

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