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Bloggers and community, who controls who?

Who are the bloggers?
Bloggers are passionate people. At least they should be.
They are completely wired to everything that’s happening, trying to get fresher than fresh news. They live in the moment. They see trends, but they are overloaded with all that information.
Most of them can’t keep up any more. They say there’s too much too follow. Too much to read, too many changes.

Being a high frequency blogger. I wouldn’t do that.

Thinking about the next generation of blog, I feel something that’s going to be mashupy. Very mashupy.
Only bits of stuff you’ll see anywhere, you’ll have caught with your mobile phone and your voice being texted. People can track where you are, read your cell phone messages, and control your TV channel, vote whether you should take chocolate ice cream or vanilla.

They would debate around the flavour and the blogger would take the sponsor’s choice.

That’s life. With great powers, come great reponsibilities.
When you have thousands of people looking at you, you should be careful.

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