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Internet Newspeak

There’s whole linguo coming with internet business.

Everyone used to be Web2.0. To be trendy, you had to be something else and use very marketing words like “user centric”, “share the love”, “evangelist” and all those are clearly the signs that you belong to the right tribe.

Now money is such a bad word. Return on investment (ROI) is something for financiers and VC. Entrepreneurs should just try to add value to the community and be useful. Money shouldn’t be an entrepreneur concern. Like Twitter, Be useful! Be creative! Make something that people want! Spread the love!
Money is not important, and anyway it’ll come later.


Money is the blood of every economy. If you don’t have money in mind when trying to do something big… You might as well play with an electric train in your parents’attic.

Money makes you happy. It buys success, skills, and good looks.
Friends like it, employees love it.

But let’s keep in mind that customer satisfaction is just a mean to get money in.

If you say passion is the most important, you can consider money like a way to fuel your pa$$ion.

¥€$$$, pa$$ion matt€r$$.
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