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Freedom is not fish or beef

Today, I felt I was free.

Although, I woke up to go to work like 24 million french people, I felt I was free.

I was free to go. I was free to quit my job. I could become whatever I wanted.

I could cut tree in Canada. I could study to become a top chef. I could become a professional magician.

I chose to be here.

To write this to you.

My life is my choice.

Before dinner, I looked at my cell phone. I saw many names I knew. But I chose not to call anyone. I preferred to stay at home watching “Nouvelle Star”.

“House MD” was also on TV, but I chose “Nouvelle Star”. Choices are sculpting my life and I love it. I like the fact that I am in charge of me. I might be getting nowhere, but I am in the driver’s seat.

Wait! Am I really in the driver’s seat?

At the company restaurant, Fish or beef was one of the big choice today . I chose fish, and I am glad I did. It’s pretty healthy, and it’s so hard to cook and never have any of it at home.

Does it prove I drive my life?


In fact, everything was made so that I FELT I had a choice.

Someone made me think that my choice was fish or beef.


Realizing that, made me want to rush to the McDonald’s to find a third choice. But I’d be falling in the same trap. I know I always take the same menu at the McDonald’s.

I decided this was going nowhere.

Going back to the driver’s seat analogy. ( where I say that life is like a car, even if it sounds weirdly simplistic)

I laid back in my driver’s seat and put the autopilot. My mind broke free.

I left the room for HABIT to take control of my life.

I gave up. I left HABIT take the wheel.

I don’t remember how I have set the autopilot mode. How I could have been here without being here. How I settled for beef or fish. How I settled for fake choices.

Real choices are not presented to you.

They are made without you knowing it. It’s about sliding through your life, waiting for a choice and realized it happened without you.

Why are you where you are ?

What happened to you?

It’s time for a personal check-list. There is always opportunity to make something great.


I started writing this post, without anything in mind.

At this point, it would be hypocritical not to take action on something.

Starting tomorrow, everyday, I’ll make an unexpected choice.

Ermmm, that would be forcing myself to do something…

I can’t do that.

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